Saturday, 1 June 2013

Today's Thrifty Finds

It has been a lovely sunny day here in Sheffield, the perfect weather to drag your boyfriend round jumble sales, charity shops and car boot sales and I am pleased to say that I managed all three. The jumble sale and charity shops weren't a huge success but I managed to buy some new (to me) things at the car boot. 

I bought this bag of vintage Coats threads for £2. Aren't they the cutest colours? I know these will come in handy for future quilts. I particularly love the old wooden spools and labels. 

I also bought this mismatched set of 1960s melaware. I was a bit of an eager beaver with the photography and haven't yet had chance to give them a good wash as you can see, so apologies for that. I was attracted to them because of the bright colours and somehow I have visions of these becoming the start of a new collection.

From the same stallholder I also bought this set of three nesting containers. Who can resist bright orange with a daisy pattern? Certainly not me.

 Next up I bought a couple more vintage sheets which will soon be cut up and making their way in to the fabric shop

And finally, I actually bought this a few weeks ago but had completely forgotten to share. It is an old baby blue hairdryer with it's original box in full working condition. It only cost me £1! What I haven't picture here is the fact that it comes with a long plastic tube attached to what looks like a shower cap so you can put your rollers in and dry your hair around it. Fantastic!

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