Sunday, 14 April 2013

My New Terrarium

Today I got up extra early (8.30am - which is impressive for a Sunday!) and went to my first car boot sale of 2013. It wasn't the busiest car boot ever as the weather didn't look too great this morning, but I'm glad I did as I picked up a rather cool vintage terrarium.

Does your cat insist on being in every photo too??

As you can see it was in a bit of a state when I bought it. On the stall it was actually still half filled with dirt and rocks but the man kindly emptied it out for me. I am usually the worlds worst haggler as I get too embarrassed to ask, but I managed to get the stallholder down from £15 to £12. I realise £3 is probably not the most impressive discount ever, but I consider it a victory!

I have been looking for something to go on the window ledge in our new bathroom and as soon as I saw the terrarium I knew that it would be perfect. I couldn't wait to get creating, so after a quick trip to the garden centre and a date with a bottle of windolene, here is the finished item.

I am so pleased with the way it has turned out. I would love to tell you the names of the plants that I used but I accidentally paid no attention to the labels before throwing them away. I am certainly not the most green fingered lady in the world but I am really hoping these will survive, at least for a week or two. You can see my bathroom is currently in progress, there are still a few things that need to be done, like adding border tiles but I think we are pretty much there. What a relief!

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