Sunday, 21 April 2013

Today's Outfit

This vintage pleated skirt and leather handbag were originally destined for my Etsy shop, but after I tried them on I decided they might be keepers. I love the bright splash of aqua, which is my favourite colour.

Excuse the fact that I have cut my head off in these pictures, my hair was definitely not looking it's best today, but I was excited about the skirt and wanted to show it off!

Top - H&M
Vintage skirt - Oxfam £2.99
Vintage leather handbag - Bakewell car boot sale - £2.50


  1. I like your head, you should show it.

  2. The skirt and spotty top look perfect together and your handbag is so sweet. Let's see your head next time! x

  3. Hi Anna, I'm so sorry, I meant to respond to your paint question then completely's my age!
    The wardrobe paint is Dulux eggshell Grecian Spa 4 it's in the mix your own paint section, hope that helps! :) x