Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I'm still here!

Hello! First of all, I must apologise for my lack of posts recently. I have been extremely bad at keeping up with blogging. Lots of things have been happening around here since I last posted, the shop has been updated with lots of lovely new items. I have bought even more pieces that need to be photographed and listed before they start taking over my house.

I have finally been cracking on with my vintage sheet quilt. I got a bit fed up with it a while ago because it hadn't quite turned out as I had expected. I've had a bit of a rethink and I'm back at it, here is a bit of a sneak preview...
As you can see, I have also been getting to grips with the A Beautiful Mess iPhone application. I think it's really nice for adding a little something extra to your instagram pictures.
At chez Radford we have made a lot of progress on the bathroom, it's finally (FINALLY!) coming together and looking good. I really enjoy seeing what I had pictured in my mind in it's physical form. I will share some before and after photographs as soon as I have finished accessorising.
We have also started work in the garden. I have never before had a garden of my own and it's a bit overwhelming, but I have become rather adept with a pair of loppers recently. Here I am in action...
"I have become the destroyer of plants"
You can almost see the plants quivering in fear. The eventual plan is to have a decked area with chairs and a table and a firepit so we are just clearing some space at the moment. Here are some of the lovely plants that I haven't chopped down...

 And finally, my very special friend's birthday is coming up so I wanted to get started on a quilt as a gift. May, if you are reading this, look away now!
 I have ordered the rather wonderful Back to Black bundle from M is for Make. I have visions of half square triangles arranged in a chevron pattern, or maybe even pinwheels. Jade green polka dot fabric for the backing and then something lovely and bright for the binding. Hurry up and arrive please!


  1. Ooh Anna, I really love your vintage sheet quilt. It's gorgeous. Do you have any leftovers?!

  2. I have loads and loads of leftovers! You fancying making one?